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Our Speakers and Topics

Discover powerful new tools you can use right now from leading experts in a variety of fields to help us navigate the terrain of New Earth...

Kathy Forest

The Great Awakening

Cayelin Castell

New Earth Alchemy Guided by the the 2020 Planetary Alignments

Rainbow Mooon, Phd

Gifts of Adversity:  The Beauty of Chaos

Alexandra Pope & Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer (Red School)

Menstrual Cycle Awareness: 

Your Path to Sustainable Living


Dr. Rima Bonario

The Temple Art of Anointing - How Essential Oils are Awakening our Inner Priestess

Brooke Medicine Eagle


Dr. Gina Sager

Crisis as Opportunity: Embracing the Darkness to Embody the Light

Aurora Farber

From Caterpillar Dreams To Butterfly Wings

Laura Wolf

Inner Sustainability – How to shift from Triggered, Reactive or Stuck to Calm, Compassion & Co-Creation with the Universe

Linda Star Wolf, PhD

Shapeshifting Consciousness from Ego Agenda to our Soul's True Purpose in order to create the new Earth

 Bonnie Salamon

Rockin' Your Legacy

Nicole Pemberton

Self care is a form of Activism

Michael Neeley

How to Reach a Global Audience with Your Message

Astara Jane Ashley

Catalyze Your Creative Fire with Womb Wisdom

Anaiya Sophia

Initiation, Storytelling & Courage

Rachel Pfotenhauer

Building intimate relationships with Earth and your Soul

Sara Estelle Turner


Awakening our True Nature with the Nature Kingdom

Phoenix Na Gig


Channelling for a New Earth

Lisa Love


Seeding the New Paradigm

Rev. Stephanie

Red Feather

Embracing Shamanic Death and Rebirth: Cleaning the Cosmic Chalkboard to Make Space For Our New Vision

Elizabeth Wood

Becoming Light through Healing Trauma

Lainie Love Darby

The Art of Sparkling SHAMELESSLY:  Igniting a Sacred (R)evolution!

Gia Combs-Ramirez

Creating Grid Systems for the New Earth and New Group Dynamics

Veronica Anderson

Deep Design: Architecture for a New Earth

Jewels Wingfield

Reinstating love's Intuition

Kim Macy

Temple of the Goddess-Returning the Heart of the Feminine

Flora Ware

Cyclic Living: Our Ancient Future

Tayria Ward

Remembering How to Think with the Heart

Yeshe Chodron

Unification for the World

Judy Keating

Align with Your Contribution to New Earth by Choosing N.E.C.T.A.R Everyday

Mare Cromwell

Proactively Mid-Wifing Our New Earth

Jocelyn Mercado

Wild Alchemy of the Soul – Bringing the Star Knowledge Down to Earth

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