Lisa Love

Interview Topic:

Seeding the New Paradigm

Lisa's interview will be available here Friday, June 26, 2020 at 10:00 am

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Channeled Messages for Humanities Ascension

This is a four part video series. Each transmission builds upon the last. Listening to all of the messages in order will guide you on a journey into the 5th dimension. This is an ascension pathway that supports spiritual awakening and evolution.

Experience the presence of grace, the warmth of peace, and the light of love wash over you throughout this transmission. May all beings be liberated by the presence of Source Love contained within this message.

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Lisa Love serves as a Certified Master Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher, and Energetic Healer who empowers you to rise up into the full evolutionary potential of your Soul.


What brings Lisa the greatest joy is to be of service to those who are ready to walk down the path of their Personal Evolution. She lends herself as a Soul Guide who inspires you to move in the direction of what brings you to life.


Lisa is a Certified Master Level Life Coach, Certified Wellness Educator, Energetic Healer, and a Pachakuti Mesa Carrier through direct apprenticeship of Don Humberto Soncco Quispe, a High Priest of the Q’eros of the Andes Mountains of Peru.


Visit her at her website: