Rainbow Mooon, Phd. 

Interview Topic:

Gifts of Adversity:  The Beauty of Chaos

Dr. Moon's interview will be available Thursday, June 25, 2020 at 10:00 a.m.



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Rainbow Mooon, Phd is a  Life Coach and Wisdom Keeper.  She has been a metaphysician all of her life.  Through her wealth of wisdom and unique understanding of the human condition, she helps seekers get back in alignment with their true selves and find balance in their lives amidst the chaos of change.

Her childhood as an empath has informed her whole life.  She holds a Phd in Philosophy and her experience includes being a publicist in Hollywood, a brief modeling career, and the President of the School of Metaphysics in Kansas City, Missouri. 

In her own words, she says, “You can call me an emotional healer, an Earth Mama, a beauty expert, a fashion maven, an astrologer, an urban neo-shaman, an anthropologist, a life coach, an integral philosophy, a wisdom keeper, a crazy old cat lady, or just a Curiosity. They’re all just titles and labels. What I do is distill esoteric knowledge from the past providing appropriate context for everyday practical application while bridging the gap between scientific psychological perspective and ancient spiritual practices for radical self-transformation. My job is to see the Truth residing within each individual or the collective group and help those involved reach their goals by tuning into the wider perspective. I am good at helping folks see how amazing they really are underneath the concepts and beliefs they were given to distract and test them in life. I help folks evolve deliberately by teaching them how to learn from their own lives, find their own flaws, and fix their own remedies. I give folks the power to put things back in order for themselves. I teach the value of self-improvement and inner recycling."

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